We’ve had a ton of companies come to our school over the years and take pictures of the kids and they’re all the same. Martial Studios is not like that. They have the highest quality pictures that we’ve ever seen. Plus they’re not done in the cookie-cutter way that all the companies do it. I would really recommend if you have people come into your school and take pictures for your students and of your school and make videos for your school, to check out Martial Studios. There isn’t anyone better. And it’s super professional the way he comes in. He has fun with the kids. He interacts with them. Everybody loves him. I can’t wait to have him back out again next year, because I know we’re going to get some great pictures for the new year. You will not be disappointed. “
— Josh Arcemont (Hero Martial Arts Academy - Houston, Texas)
“Jacob did a wonderful job putting not only video clips but awesome pictures. Gave great customer service. Knows the sport. Knows the art. Made all of our competitors look like super stars. He’s really super easy to work with. If you’re a school owner looking for school pictures, or if you’re looking to create something for your event or your tournament, I highly recommend my man Jacob Wolfman and Martial Studios. They will hook you up and it will look like nothing else in the industry. “
— - Joey Perry (The Arkansas Open & Memphis Open)
Our clients were used to the other company taking the photos, then sitting down and being sold on different packages. I’m sure many of you are used to that scenario. Our size location received one photographer and one sales person. The clients would usually take their time, as they are entitled to when purchasing photos to pick the 3-5 they liked, then try to get sold on upgrades, etc… this would cause massive time restrictions to the up-coming photoshoot and lots of waiting around.

With Jacob you get to keep every single photo from the shoot, the photos in my opinion are much more heartfelt and parents appreciate them more. His photos for Picture Day are more modern and there is less downtime between photoshoots. For us, we had great success with the atmosphere he brought to our studio and professionalism, not just to us but to all of our clients. It is important hat your clients get the same service first as you give them when bringing in anyone that is part of your studio. Jacob and Martial Studios was a huge success.”
— Jeremy Epstein (KickQuest Martial Arts - Flemington, New Jersey)
“The kids loved it. The parents loved it. All in all we just had a great experience. Everything went so smooth. And the pictures were just awesome. We also partnered up with him to do a video. He shared some tips and some pointers, shared his ideas and together we were able to create what we thought was a very unique and dynamic video. I highly recommend. Great choice for our photography.”
— Carlos Aguilar (KickForce Martial Arts - San Diego, California)
“Jacob Wolfman is a phenomenal photographer, editor, and videographer, who specializes in creating dynamic martial arts media. He has been behind a lot of the captivating visuals in which myself and other athletes have been featured (clearly from this trailer) in the more than a decade since I’ve known him. His approach is thoughtful and professional, and far beyond just pointing the camera he contributes his knowledge of the purpose behind the shoot to make sure it comes out successfully. He’s also down-to-earth & funny, and he’ll probably make an appearance in the comments section to say something about how he’ll expect the invoice for this advertisement 😉 but in reality I just wanted to give him a shout out. I highly recommend you check out his page Martial Studios!”
— Dan Perez (Cinematic Martial Arts, Hyper Trick School)
I recommend Jacob Wolfman primary on the fact that he is an honest person, will treat you best and work the hardest. He is a man of integrity.
— Tony Hall (American Professional Martial Arts - Boca, Florida)
Shout out to Jacob Wolfman of Martial Studios for spending the last week shooting pics of our students and staff. He was a professional from start to finish & brought out the best in our students. Thanks again!
— Chris Herrman (Alpha Martial Arts - Seattle, Washington)

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