Professional Martial Arts Video Commercials

It’s evident to anyone marketing in the 21st century that video is a fundamental tool to attract new eyes and keep their attention. But for a martial arts school, it’s hard! You can either hire a local crew that don’t understand your business needs, you can purchase stock video and look like everyone else, or you can try to film it yourself and lose that professional touch.

Martial Studios is the professional solution for martial arts businesses looking for powerful media.


The Martial Arts Experience Commercial

This is one of Martial Studio’s most requested video projects for martial arts schools. The filming process takes about 4-5 hours. We film iconic shots for each program at your school, mix in authentic testimonials from your parents, and bring it all together with a hired voiceover actor to elevate the professionalism to rival any other alternatives to martial arts your community might offer. This commercial is “mom-friendly” and has proven very effective. As an added bonus, we always overfilm clips of each class that can later be turned into program specific edits later down the road.

Program Reel - Power Highlight

Looking for something powerful yet not complicated to put together? Especially for adults, all you need to sell a program is high energy and power. In this example, we filmed a highlight reel promoting an adult Hyper Fight Club class.

Ultimate Dream Commercial

Not everyone’s vision is going to fit the mold. And we love it when that happens. If you’ve got a dream commercial in your head, tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen. In this example, the school wanted to showcase how students from all over the area come to their school. They gave us the green light to do a bunch of creative shots for the project, and we happily obliged. If you’ve got a concept, we are excited for the challenge!