Tournament & Event Highlight Reel Video Package



We love martial arts events. Some of our greatest memories growing up was going to an exciting martial arts cap or a big national tournament. That's why when we edit our epic promos, we don't stop until we've got goosebumps. We love making these types of edits and our passion bleeds through the screen. Let's work together to make your next camp, tournament, seminar or belt test something that shakes up the world! We can only do a few of these per year so make sure to contact us ASAP to see if we're open available during your event date.

Passionate & Emotional

There's nothing quite like experiencing a live event. We work our creative muscles at every event to highlight the energy of the room.

Professional & Accurate

Every event has a different attitude and flavor. Some are for athletes, others are for professionals. Connect with us, tell us what you're all about, and we'll adapt to your language to create something that truly represents your story.


- 1-3 minute video
- PDF strategy guide to maximize your video marketing efforts online

Price: $2500

GUARANTEE - We are so confident with our work that we are willing to offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with our final product.


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